Gay Swim Nijmegen - English page

Welcome to the web of Gay Swim Nijmegen Zwem!

We are a group which is training once a week. Our group exists of all levels of swimmers; from beginners up to experienced fast swimmers.

Everybody is welcome in our group, as long as there is respect for differences. So our group is also open for straight, bisexual, lesbian and transgender or as we say in short: gay, lesbian and friends.

We train every friday evening from 20.00 - 21.00 in the Dukenburg pool in Nijmegen.

The first time you are welcome to swim with us for free. After that you can take a trial-membership for 4 weeks (€ 8). If you apply for a whole year (45 times since we dont swim during summer holiday) the membership costs € 75 (€ 1,67 per week).

If you like to try one time, please e-mail us: